Reaching Up

At Faith Church, we are Reaching Up to God, as we seek to grow deeper in our relationship with him through worship, devotions, praise and prayer.

Worship is more than just a Sunday event. We worship our God daily by living in relationship with him every day and by seeking to live out his mission in our lives. We do that individually and in community in our home church groups.

Sunday worship at Faith is all about coming together as a church family to meet with our God and offer Him praise, prayer and thanksgiving. It is also a time for confession and sometimes even for lament.

Prayer and personal devotions are also an important part of reaching up. Sometimes we are talking to God, sometimes we read and meditate on scripture, and sometimes we take time to listen. We praise God for the blessings of his grace, we ask him for strength, peace and healing for ourselves and our world, and we seek his will for our lives.

Media Centre

Couldn't make it to church this Sunday and want to catch up on what you missed? Or maybe you want to check out a message before you commit to sitting through one in person. You'll find all of our Sunday messages in our Media Centre

We've also compiled links to some interesting online resources that are intended to help you along your Faith journey.